Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Great American Bake Sale SATURDAY MAY 23

You know how some people in this world are doers and some are talkers? Well let me tell you about a great lady who is a doer. The owner of Lorken Food Finery has organized a BAKE SALE this coming Saturday, MAY 23 from 11:30 to 2 in the afternoon where all the proceeds go to help children in the local Salt Lake area who simply do not have enough to eat. There will be NINE different bakers who will be bringing their wares to donate to the cause and each of us are hoping a generous public will stop by GARDNER VILLAGE and purchase one of these delicious morsels and contribue to this worthy cause.

According to a story run in Deseret News on May 9th of this year, 1 in 7 Utah kids ages 5 and under go with out adiquate food, consistantly. I found this number to be alarming. Most of us know and understand how important nutrition is to a growing body. Utah has too much wealth going on to have this happening here. I challenge each of us to step up and do something about hunger in Utah. If you would like to get information about how you can hold your own bake sale go here.

I will be selling my vanilla lemon curd cupcakes, chocolate filled cupcakes, and hot cinnamon rolls and there are a plethra of other wonderful baked goods that will be there to enjoy. Come and sample a little sweet to make life a little sweeter for someone less fortunate!


  1. Can I come and help with this? I think I might hold my own bake sale!

  2. Good luck! I wish I would of known about this sooner. I would of loved to help out! Have fun!

  3. Candace- we would love to have you come and help! Thank you so much for offering! We can only hope we are over whelmed with wonderful people wanting to buy homemade brownie pops, freshly made cut out cookies, fresh lemonade . . . And let me know if you do a sale and I'll help you!

    Maria, oh how I wish we could have had such a celebrity as you to bring your wares to our sale! Next time I will get a post up sooner. Thanks for your good wishes!

  4. Thanks Jenny! Too bad you're a bit far away to come join us, I love that you follow me.

  5. Thanks for the post! I'd love to meet all of these sweet people offering help! If Candace needs any help with hers... I am in! See you all Saturday! These kids need us!


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