Monday, April 27, 2009

Young Chef's Passed the Test

How much fun can you have in one morning? Well, at Lorken Food Finery we had a blast on Saturday at the kids cooking class and we have a few pictures to prove it! How can you help but have a great time when you mix good kids with good ingredients like great recipes, learning new skills and having fun while you cook? I can hardly wait to hear back from a few of my new friends about how some of the recipes turned out at home. You know what? I was so impressed that every class member tried something new to eat that they never had experienced before. That is what makes a good cook- being willing to experiment and try new things. My congratulations to all of my students in passing a very important test, the exam of experimentation! I can hardly wait for us to do this again! Happy Cooking!


  1. I was part of that class. It was so fun and Cristie is a great teacher. On Sunday morning I prepared breakfast burritos and eggs which both I learned how to make in the class for my family. After church I also made the orange toast and parfait for my family it was so yummy! Now I am going to make the muffins! Thanks so much Cristie for that awesome time and experience!


  2. Lorilie-
    You have left the nicest comment a teacher could ever ask for! Thank you so much for the positive feedback. I'm so happy that you have had some real success cooking for your family. YEA!! You are a young chef! I know I'll see you soon.

  3. Hey Cristie! It's me Mary! That was a great class and i really learned alot, i was just wondering if you could post me some recipies, or email, i want to give my mom a recipe book and i need some ideas. If you could do that for me that would be great! Thanks Cristie your the best!

  4. Mary I would love to help you put some recipes together for your wonderful Mother. Could you call Tif and ask her for my home phone number so we can talk about what kind of recipes you want? I also need to get your email address so I can forward them to you. This blog system does not allow me to track that unless you actually put it into your message and that wouldn't be a good idea. So call me! Thanks for contacting me!


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