Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sweet'n Salty Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cookies made with Chucky Chips and Pretzels!

Some days you just have a hankering for something salty mixed in with something sweet, you know what I mean? Think kettle corn, trail mix or a pretzel rod dipped in carmel and chocolate. We'll today was such a day for me. A dear friend, Shirley, loves Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cookies and so I thought I would try to make them in her honor. The batch I came up with turned out nice and crisp with just enough salt in the chunks of pretzels to make you want more. It made me wonder why? Why do we taste things the way we do?

I was poking around on the web and found out recently science had a breakthrough on how we taste things. Did you know that we have receptors all over our mouth that picks up taste, not just our tongue? I didn't. There is a great explanation by the Reluctant Gourmet. You can go here for a fun interactive sight to look at with your kids (or by yourself) to see how our bodies "taste". It isn't quite up-to-date on the tongue part, but it is still entertaining.

Now go make some sweet'n salty cookies.

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Let me know if you tried them and how they turned out, and thanks for stopping by.


  1. I am making these this weekend - looks to good not to eat some! :)

  2. Thanks for your kinds words. They are tasty. You should use them for one of your great parties!

  3. I took these to a holiday cookie swap. It was fun to add a surprise to a classic cookie I knew everyone would love.


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