Monday, April 6, 2009

The Napkin Lady

I have always had a soft spot for anything that reminds me of my Grandmothers. Every April I set up what we loving refer as "the Napkin Lady" a 1950's ceramic napkin holder. While I was growing up I could consistently count on two things from both of my Grandmothers- constant love and wonderful, home grown food. Somehow, the Napkin Lady with her outstretched arms seems to represent both of those things to me as she serves things on her tray.

When I started my account on Twitter last weekend, I decided to use the Napkin Lady as my picture. I have always hoped that I could somehow do something, make something, become something that would make my Grandmothers proud. What a wonderful state to be in- the becoming stage . . . If you Twitter, look me up as thetablerunner, and you'll see this little teeny, tiny picture of the Napkin Lady and I hope you'll think of me serving each of you some thing delicious to eat that's full of love.


  1. You might consider checking your locks at night :) I just might be coming to steal napkin lady!!! I love her! That is a darling treasure Cristie! I am glad to know the story behind it.

  2. I love her! I'll have to come over and see her beauty up close!

    I guess, that's me inviting myself over. :)!

  3. Wow Cristie, I have never seen a napkin lady before and now it is on the top of my list for things I want. So cute! I am also inviting myself over with Jenny to see this special April lady.

  4. Of course all three of you are welcome any time to see my dear Napkin Lady! But she is only out in April to celebrate my Grandma Smith's birthday on April 24, so come quickly!

  5. I remember the Napkin Lady! She stood by the window on a shelf - unless she was on the table ready to help you wipe up that orange juice you just spilled. I can remember sunlight streaming through the window, making the napkins glow and look translucent. How odd it is that it such a small thing that can trigger a whole torrent of memories.


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