Thursday, February 19, 2009

Real Food for Real Life

From my earliest memories there were tall loaves of bread coming from my grandmothers kitchen, and a piece for me generously buttered and sprinkled with white sugar. My other grandmother turned out lighter-than-air dinner rolls and the best cream pies you've ever tasted. In an effort to start her girls off on the right foot, my own mother started up a local 4-H group where she taught every willing neighborhood girl how to measure properly and the basics of good cooking.

Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel like you just have to create something in the kitchen? It's obviously in my family line, and I love it! Whether we cook to fill hungry bellies that sit at our table or for a group of foodies, food is a real part of our lives.

The Table Runner is dedicated to real food for real life and to the real inspiration that comes from your kitchen and mine.


  1. I love creating too! I wish I could turn out such beautiful rolls. But I just created a great ranch chicken penne skillet dinner last night.

  2. You must have a similar gene pool as mine! I would love to see your recipe for chicken penne skillet dinner. Nothing can beat a one pot meal!


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