Sunday, July 18, 2010

Canyon Extravaganza and Dutch Oven Cooking

We were invited to attend a Canyon Extravaganza last weekend that included a Dutch oven dinner, entertainment and fabulous company. Of course we accepted the invitation. Being together with family and friends up Big Cottonwood Canyon on a Saturday evening, eating delicious food and singing around a real campfire and capping it off with some great s’mores. Honestly, life’s simple pleasures are really the best.

The head chef, Joe, together with his favorite sous chef, Marianne made some mighty fine main dishes in their 12 inch deep Dutch ovens. Joe pointed out to me that both the braised short ribs(which were absolutely fabulous) and the chicken bouillabaisse were recipes that were written for regular ovens. He simply cooked them in a Dutch oven.

Cooking in a Dutch oven doesn’t need to be scary. You just have to be thoughtful about timing your coals, where you put them on and below your oven and how long it takes to actually cook the specific dish you’ve chosen to serve. It's a math problem, and not a difficult one.

My assignment for the evening was bread. You haven’t lived until you’ve had Sheepherder’s Bread with honey butter from a Dutch oven. I got this recipe from a class I took several years ago at Thanksgiving Point from Lori Bennett.

I’ve found that with any cast iron cooking one of the most important things you can do to insure a positive experience with a Dutch oven is to have an easy and quick clean up. It might sound strange, but not if you’ve ever had to clean one up. I have 10 steps to cleaning a Dutch Oven on a separate post, it’s worth your time if you’re headed out to do some great outdoors cooking.

What is your favorite Dutch Oven dinner or memory?


  1. Great post Cristie! I've been wanting to try baking bread in a dutch oven while camping. I'll have to file this recipe and your tips away for safe keeping. Thanks!

  2. Food always tastes better when you're outside/camping!
    I remember my first time making something in a dutch oven at girl's camp about 15 years ago. I was one of the leaders and we made peach cobbler. So much of it was burned that we each only got one bite! That one bite was so delicious though! Torturous:)

  3. What a fun evening! I didn't know Candice played the guitar by the way!

    I haven't had much experience with Dutch oven cooking. I have a French oven at a home and I love braised chicken with apples. I have heard the options for dutch oven cooking are limitless but I haven't experimented with it much. You should post more Dutch oven recipes!

  4. This bread was to die for! add a little bit of honey butter and there's NOTHING better!

  5. I so impressed! I've always been a bit afraid of Dutch oven cooking and here you are baking gorgeous bread.

  6. What a wonderful experience!
    I have a prized cast iron skillet, and a LeCreuset enameled cast iron Dutch Oven-(although they call it a French Oven) that sits on my stovetop always,ready to work. I have never tried outdoor cooking with it, nor bread baking.

    VERY impressed with your bread!!

  7. you are the dutch oven queen! i am so glad you posted this and the cleaning tips. i love learning more about dutch oven cooking from you!


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