Monday, March 8, 2010

Granting Wishes and Jamie Oliver

How often in today's world do good people get their wishes granted? Not in a fairy tale, but in the real world? In December Jamie Oliver, self proclaimed FOOD REVOLUTIONIST was awarded the 2010
TED Prize, that grants recipients $100,000 and something much bigger- an opportunity to change the world! If you haven't seen his 18 minute acceptance video, you might want to take the time while you're doing the dishes or cleaning up your desktop--- you won't be sorry, I wasn't.

What I learned: Believe it or not . . .
  • Our food landscape has changed so markedly that many young children can not recognize common fruits and vegetables
  • Home, School and Main Street have abandoned REAL FOOD for quick, cheap and processed foods
  • Most foods three decades ago were produced locally, the majority of today's food is not
  • Much of our current food is processed and FILLED with sugar & chemical additives
  • Childhood obesity has tripled with one in three children ages 10 to 17 being overweight or obese
My views on the local food supply are right in line with Jamie Oliver. I was happy to go to his webpage and sign his petition to become a part of the FOOD REVOLUTION. Maybe you would like to join this group as well? I grew up hearing my mother say "you are what you eat"- and she was right! We should be giving our children, grandchildren and neighbor's children the best opportunity to eat right and time is ticking away!

Granting wishes? Most of us won't get hard $$$ but as far as REAL FOOD it starts at home,
in our own kitchen
around our own table.
Make some real food today and share it with someone you love.


  1. oh he is a star and makes Britain proud lol

  2. I am excited for his show. What a great message.

  3. Jamie did a lot of shows here in the UK on this subject. He is a real food revolutionary. He's not just about great cooking. He is one of the few celebrity chefs with a message.
    *kisses* HH

  4. Hooray for real food, and the Food Revolution!

  5. He is someone to watch! In a world of money hungry celebs and phonies... I am THRILLED for this show! Great post!

  6. thanks for your sweet comment!

    And don't get me started on childhood obesity. It's outrageous and completely uncalled for and makes me more angry than I can even say. How can parents look at their children and think that everything is okay? Needless to say. I'm annoyed.

  7. The best kind of health care reform - taking care of yourself.

  8. I do love you ladies from Great Britian and it is amazing that Jamie is living in America now trying to get reform into our blood!! So grateful. Candace I agree with you, would you like to run for office?

  9. I hope he is able to create change in America. For a land that claims to love freedom, they sure are under the thumb of big business. We aren't far behind. I applaud his efforts, it can't be easy.

  10. Cristie this post makes my heart happy. You wrote about everything I believe in and get angry and passionate about. Our children, our food, and our future.



  11. He makes so many great points! Wouldn't it be fabulous if they could change school lunch!

  12. Thanks for this video! Jamie Oliver is doing some great things and makes some excellent points.

  13. As much as I like sweets...I do try to eat whole foods that are good for us. Thanks for the list of things you I have learned more too. xoxo


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