Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Giveaway and saying Good Bye to Emigration Market

Some time ago I set up a giveaway and it's way past time to give it away! The REDMOND REAL SALT goes to comment number 10! Amy please contact me with your address and I'll see that you get the wonderful salt package. Everyone had such glowing things to say about their favorite neighborhood places- this is what Amy had to say:

"I really need to use quinoa more. It's so tasty - and your salad looks delicious!

We've got a few places around that I love to support, but by far my favorite is Allred Orchards. Their peaches are the best quality, best tasting, and of course, the best price every year at canning season. Until my own little trees are bigger, Allred Orchards can expect my business every year."

One of my favorite neighborhood places announced last week that they will be closing their doors due to the economy. Emigration Market has been a part of my life ever since I’ve lived in this community, roughly 27 years and for many dear old timers they tell of when it opened it’s doors in 1942. They have employed a host of neighbor children including my own, sold local goods and generally been a great place to get groceries, a sandwich and a smile whenever you needed it. Shinny new supermarkets can’t replace some things with bigger and supposedly better. Emigration Market is a place that will leave emptiness for what is right with the world. The corner market where you know almost everyone in the store- employee and shopper, much of the food was made in house or locally grown and the owner lived just around the bend.

We’ll miss you Emigration Market, our best to Verna, Betty, Blake, and JT.


  1. congrats to Amy and so sad about this supermarket! It takes so long to get to know your local market...and you really end up bonding with it. :(

  2. I too am sad to see Emigration go. The convenience of having a local market for a quick pick up will be gone. I will miss Betty, Verna, and Leslie the most. Emigration has been a good employer of local kids as well. It's a sad end to our local market.

  3. I just hate to say good-bye to landmark "mom and pop" establishments...they are what makes a neighborhood neighborly! :)

  4. I so hate change sometimes! Our not so little independent market closed about 10 years ago and I still miss it. Gosh they had the best meat and it was so nice to have a butcher that knew how we liked our meat cut! But along with the market we also lost our drug store and my Pharmacist too.

  5. Marty and I stopped in last week and it was so sad to see the empty shelves. I know, all-too-well how awful that feels... and they were around MUCH longer than us :(


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