Friday, July 17, 2009

The Contest

Contests can be exhilarting to enter. I have entered a few contests over the years, honestly without overwhelming succes (unless the judges have been bribed), but have had friends who have won at State Fairs and even in national mazagzines. One year I entered a State Fair contest with my daughter- it was a total blast. We had the best tasting bread there, but the judges weren't looking for the best tasting-- the wanted something flashy. We learned an important lesson about contests that day, find out exactly what the judges will be looking for and cook to that.

There is a local contest that could be fun to enter where you use at least three ingredients from companys that grow or manufacture right here in Utah. You are likely already using many of these quality products in your recipes. To see a full list of who is included in Utah's Own check out their web site. The contest began eariler this month and will conclude on September 18th. Hey- what do you have to lose? Nothing! I promise you'll have fun trying to discover new ways to use ingredients that are fresh and you'll feel good knowing they came from some where close to you.

If you are interested in other sorts of contests you might check out this web site. They have a comprehensive view of national contests and keep a running list by a variety of catagories.

I hope to see some of you in the news! Happy Cooking!


  1. I just gotta give a shout out to my aunt's Utahs Own company - Tom's Gourmet - awesome ice cream, and anything really, toppings. Great for dessert recipes =0)

  2. I didn't know that was your aunt's company! I love their toppings. Now that I think about it I think my daughter intoduced us to Tom's Gourmet toppings- it must be through you. My favorite is the caramel pecan, which one do you go to most?



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