Thursday, April 9, 2009

Meyer Lemons- Lemon Curd, a Piece of Heaven on Earth

Rounder in taste, slightly orangish in color and smooth skinned, Meyer lemons are just a little piece of heaven on earth. Their distinctive flavor is easy to love and leaves me wanting more and dreaming about ways to use them in every single course of the meal. After picking up a half peck of the little beauties at Costco I made some of them into creamy Meyer Lemon Curd perfect for filling in cupcakes, tarts, drizzling on top of yogurt or smearing a bit on toast.

I've used a few of these lemons with my grilled vegetables and in salads and with my last ones . . .well I haven't decided yet. For inspiration check Seasonal Eating for a fabulous collection of recipes that use Meyer Lemons (and Eureka lemons as well) and if that's not enough to get your brain hopping, check this out from the LA Times
100 Things To Do With Meyer Lemons.

I am happy to report that Meyer lemon trees do bear fruit all year long, so make your list of recipes and keep your eyes peeled for this delectable fruit.


  1. Guess what?! I just found a yummy recipe for lemon risotto. Would you like me to send it to you? It looks fantastic! It also looks right up your alley :)

  2. Now I can finally make those yummy cupcakes that I dream about!!

  3. Mary, I look forward to seeing and tasting your cupcakes!


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