Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dutchess Potatoes

I love to have Sunday dinner for a crowd, but sometimes it can become a little chaotic trying to get all the dishes on the table at the same time. I try and have at least one dish that is a "made ahead" item. Often mashed potatoes cause trauma, or drama- you choose the word. They have to be peeled, cooked, mashed, served hot and they leave a nasty mess in the sink. This recipe for Dutchess Potatoes is perfect to solve that problem- they can be made as early as the day before and heated up 30 minutes before serving. And they are beautiful and creamy by virtue of potato choice. Mash some up and let me know how your company liked it!

For those of you sitting on the fence about the up coming potato class at Lorken Food Finery, think again. We will be learning facts, tools, and demonstrating recipes that will make a real difference to how you use potatoes in your menus-- that's a guarantee.

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