Monday, May 11, 2009

Berry Chocolate

've been hearing for years that if I consume dark chocolate I'm doing my body a favor . .  well, that might be stretching it a bit.  It is true that dark chocolate has antioxidants, just like blueberries and beans.  Dark chocolate just has a couple of other things like fat and calories as well that you have to consider.  As long as you follow the quality rule not the quantity,  things should work out in the end.

When you need a chocolate fix what do you turn to?  Yesterday we were gifted a beautiful box of chocolates that had been picked out with love and carried all the way from Germany.  They are almost too fabulous to eat, but never fear- they will be consumed one t i n y bite at a time. Have you ever tried Amano Artisan Chocolate?  Their bars of chocolate are sold at a local market and made 45 minutes from my home.  They have this deep, rich, full unbelievable flavor. You have to experience to appreciate it.  I recommend it highly!

I do love a nice, dark chocolate brownie that has a real chocolate ganache on top.  I have a dear friend that makes a truly decadent brownie with four or five kinds of chocolate that is simply out of this world.  My version is something you can make with items you have on your pantry shelf and it should work for a chocolate panic.  Serve it with strawberries and cream and you'll have a knock-out dessert.


  1. I don't even like brownies and those look phenomenal!

  2. They do work up nicely- make them for friends and see what you think!

  3. Hey is it just me or did you put down 2 cups of sugar twice? Just curious ... but they look amazing! I'd like to make them sometime soon with my 12 yo.

  4. Thanks for catching my generous amount of sugar. The recipe is correct now!


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