Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hundreds of Blades on One Tool

TOOL:  Microplaner

One of my favorite tools is the Microplaner.  It can be used as a zester to take off just the right amount of peel off of a lemon, lime or orange.  It can be used as a grater to make quick work of hard cheeses such as parmesan or asiago.  It can also be used to grate such things as ginger - and it smells so good while you're doing it!  It can be used to beautify the top of a frosted cup cake by shaving a piece of fine chocolate over the top!  

And, it is fun to use.  I have had more joy showing kids how to use this tool than probably any other kitchen gadget.  You do have to instruct them carefully about the sharp blades, but they love being able to help grate cheese over their dinner, it becomes oh so much tastier if they have added their own touch to their meal. 

Check it out:
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a plastic cover for safety (mine is an older vintage and didn't come with the plastic cover so I still have the cardboard sleeve to keep all those little blades covered)
  • Can be used for multiple culinary uses- your imagination is your only limit
  • Great gift


  1. Is this what you had Mary use to make the Caesar Salad? She really wants one. What a funny thing for a 7 year old to want! I guess I should encourge her tendencies - maybe she'll turn out like you.

  2. Absolutely! Really, kids love this tool! As long as you teach them how to use it properly they can get a lot of good use out of it- and they will want to help in the kitchen more often if they have something as cool as this Microplaner!


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